Rural broadband ISP Voneus has secured £30 million funding from venture capitalist firm Macquarie Capita.

A broadband operator that specialises in bringing high-speed connectivity to rural parts of the UK that are not yet covered by fibre capabilities has secured new investments that will help it roll out superfast services to almost a million remote homes and businesses. Voneus is set to receive an injection of up to £30 million from venture capitalist firm Macquarie Capital that will allow it to bring gigabit-capable speeds to up to 900,000 premises.

Versatile Series

Apsys Versatile series free standing cabinets are New Generation Rack Cabinets featuring (19”)³ design. The only available boundary in terms of functionality and flexibility is the imagination as it is possible to install all kinds of 19” accessories, instruments and equipment to the top, bottom and side sections of the cabinet. CAPACITY ADVANTAGE The rear sections of instruments and equipment with short length (patch panel, horizontal organizer, etc.) remain completely unoccupied at certain U heights, and lead to waste of space. In Versatile series cabinets, on the other hand, it is possible to install accessories and equipment with higher length from side panels at the cabinets with U values where equipment with short length are installed. Thanks to this arrangement, the internal capacity of the cabinet might be used with 100% efficiency.

Fiber optic Connectivity

Fiber optic Connectivity Be it artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) or digital reality, the increased rate of technological advancements around the world is directly proportional to the growth of global Fiber Optic Connectivity market. In the next two years, more than 20 billion devices are predicted to be connected to internet. With hundreds of devices getting connected to internet every second, the worldwide digital transformation in various industries is estimated to provide value-producing prospects in the global Fiber Optic Connectivity market, which is further anticipated to significantly boost the market revenue throughout the forecast period, i.e., 2020-2028. #fiberoptic #connectivity #apsynetworks #europe #middleeast #asiapacifc#endtoendsolutions reach us at for the best products with best offers


High energy costs and increased energy consumption rates forced data center specialists to evaluate hot and cold air hosting strategies. Bot hot and cold air conservation increased the predictability and efficiency of traditional data center cooling systems. This solution system aims that providing maximum separation of hot-cold air, while the efficiency of cooling provides lower cost over time.